Forgot to switch off your lights before leaving your vehicle ? Or is your car battery more than 2 years old ? The average lifespan of a car’s battery is approximately 2 years. Driving around Singapore with an old battery can be very nerve wrecking as you never know when will your vehicle stall! Have peace of mind and get your battery replaced at Progressive Auto!

In the event whereby your car battery dies on you, give us a ring and we will rush to your breakdown location and replace your battery or jumpstart your vehicle! Our team is always on standby and will even respond to you at odd hours of the day! With our wide range of batteries, we will only supply you with the most compatible battery for your vehicle.

Alternator Repair & Replacement

Just changed your car battery but your vehicle still refuses to start? Think again ! Your alternator could be faulty! While an alternator is a relatively simple component which contains only a few parts, it plays a critical role in any vehicle’s functionality. The key function of the alternator is to turn the mechanical energy of the engine’s rotating crank shaft into electricity through induction. This helps to power your vehicle and allows you to charge your mobile phone while driving! The alternator also keeps the battery fully charged, providing the power it needs to start the car.

Keep our number handy as you never know when you need to get your battery or alternator change!

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