Singapore is the most expensive city to own a car. But fret not! Our mission is to put you back in the driver’s seat! We provide hassle-free and reliable car rental services at affordable prices to our valued customers.

Be it a corporate event, job interview, wedding or even a family picnic, we have cars for all your life’s occasions! Our fleet of vehicles will leave you spoilt for choice!

Why is my Air-Conditioning no longer cold?

There are several reasons why your car’s air conditioning is no longer cold. Based on our vast experience, majority of such cases is because your system is low on refrigerant. We can easily top up the refrigerant and get your air-conditioning up and running again.

Worried About Renting a Faulty Vehicle?

How many times have you heard from friends that they rented a faulty vehicle and was made to pay for damages they were not responsible for ? We have heard it all! Hence, we service all our cars regularly to ensure they are in excellent condition! We will never rent out a car that is faulty.

Our Promise

When you rent a car from Progressive Auto, we promise you that our cars are in excellent condition! If you are unsatisfied with the car assigned to you, feel free to request for a change immediately! Our reputation means everything to us and we have every intention of ensuring you enjoy the best driving experience!

In cases whereby your engine has broken down entirely, we can put your air-conditioning system through a diagnostic test and repair the damage.

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