The engine is the foundation of any vehicle. Yet it is often most neglected! Not only is it costly to overhaul an engine, driving a car with a damaged or faulty engine is highly hazardous and can be life threatening! As with all major vehicle components, we recommend all car owners to service their engine regularly.

We highly recommend you to

If your engine is experiencing any of the glaring symptoms listed below, it is highly likely that you need to get your engine serviced!

  • Loud, hollow sounding knocks from the undercarriage
  • Engine lack of power
  • Engine overheat
  • Valve leakage / compression leakage
  • White smoke emit while vehicle stationery idling

If you are unsure as to whether your engine is performing up to its optimum capacity, feel free to make an appointment with us to get your engine checked. We can do a thorough check and report on the health of your engine!

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