Transmission and gearbox repairs can be very expensive. Hence, we recommend you to pay close attention to anything that seems unusual and get it serviced as soon as possible to avoid incurring unnecessary costs. If you think you may have transmission and gearbox problems, feel free to ring us for a free consultation.

Transmission problems generally fall into these common categories:

Delay in transmission

Even after stepping on the gas pedal, the response of the vehicle’s acceleration is severely delayed.

Surging of transmission

  • Abnormal jerking movements or vibrations experienced while changing gears. This usually occurs when the transmission engages and disengages, particularly in reverse gear.
  • A faulty gearbox is not able to make a smooth transition while the gear is being changed.
  • This problem is often encountered at lower gears and can be rectified through thorough checking of the vacuum lines. Our team of qualified mechanics has an excellent track record of rectifying this problem.

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