Have you driven up a hump too quickly and felt a knock on your vehicle’s undercarriage? If so, you may have a damaged undercarriage! Although it is out of sight, hard objects like rocks or even road humps can damage the undercarriage of your vehicle, which may result in hazardous petrol leakage or rusting.

Did you know ?

Of your entire vehicle, your car’s undercarriage is most prone to rusting and scratches. This often occurs when metal corrode due to extended exposure to moisture and oxygen in the surrounding. Dirt and debris that are trapped in the undercarriage can also contribute significantly to rusting. Rusting is a major problem for cars because it is not only unsightly, but can also cause malfunction. Like a disease, once rusting begins, it is very difficult to stop.

Our team of experts are able to remove rust from your undercarriage while also preventing it from reoccurring. Let us fix it once and for all.

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